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World Touring Car Championship delivers titles

Three winners of the first reace in Macau - and two of them are LIQUI MOLY. Danish Michel Nykjaer (center), his compatriot Kristian Poulsen being third (right) und second Franz Engstler.

LIQUI MOLY Team Engstler wins team and driver categories

Macau / Ulm, November 2011 – The two races of the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) in Macau put the finishing touch on a long but very successful race season for the two drivers of the LIQUI MOLY Team Engstler: the Dane Kristian Poulsen won the World Championship title in the private driver category in a heartpounding finale. Team manager Franz Engstler took 3rd place in the final ranking and the racing team secured the team category masterfully.

The first congratulant of Kristian Poulsen was his boss and team colleague Franz Engstler: 'I'm really proud of Kristian. He was able to decide the championship in his favour and in the process bring home one more championship title.' The race for the World Championship crown developed into an exclusively Danish affair, which the LIQUI MOLY pilot won by a nose in the end. While Michel Nykjaer won both races in Macau, 3rd and 8th place were enough for Kristian Poulsen to win by a nose with a lead of two points in the final ranking. 141 to 139 points after 24 World Championship races.

Team title secured masterfully
With 3rd place, the senior among the drivers, Franz Engstler, rounded off the season for the team from the Allgäu. In the first run in Macau, the 50-year old secured 2nd place among the independents and once again took a podium position with 3rd place in the following competition. And that although acidents and yellow flags characterised events on the city circuit, as they do every year. The LIQUI MOLY Team Engstler already brought one title with them to Macau in their luggage: that for the best private team. The racing team had already perfected this championship two weeks before following the race in China.

Oschersleben without compare
Unforgotten by all participants is the race weekend of Oschersleben in Germany: Franz Engstler carried out a daring exploit in the second run. Following a nerve-racking repair phase, the routinier also left the company drivers behind him and then booked the first overall victory of his career. He couldn't have wished for a lovelier belated 50th birthday present during his 'home game'. 'This success is incomparable and simply the greatest. The last lap felt like the longest I can remember', Engstler commented on the end phase of his triumphal race.

Peter Baumann, head of marketing of LIQUI MOLY, the main sponsor, is also enthusiastic: 'We have experienced highs and lows together since starting with the WTCC four years ago. This season offered a maximum of emotions and a rightfully successful Engstler team. The drivers and mechanics performed best whenever they were under pressure and challenged. I tip my hat to them.' In addition to the sporting success, Peter Baumann is more than satisfied from a promotional perspective: 'The series offers the best racing. You can almost reach out and grab it. With the Engstler team we have a congenial and successful brand ambassador that races around the globe and charms both spectators and customers. What more could I ask for as head of marketing?

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World Touring Car Championship delivers titles - press release for download - (Saisonabschluss 2011 EN.doc | 141 KB)
Auf dem Siegertreppchen nach dem ersten Lauf von Macau: Gewinner Michel Nykjaer (Mitte), dessen dänischer Landsmann Kristian Poulsen auf Rang 3 (rechts) und der Zweitplatzierte Franz Engstler. - Pressebild zum Download - (Podest Macau neu.jpg | 400,2 KB)

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